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My name is Jason Weaver. For the last 20 years I have made a living as a Chef.   Actually not all of the 20 years were spent as a chef.  Like everyone I had to work my way up the brigade.  I have moved around the country working and learning.  I grew up in Michigan.  In high school I had a job washing dishes in a small diner that eventually led to the “line” and learning to cook.

I spent four years in the Marine Corps.  I served in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  In 1993 I was one of the first 40 Marines to land on the beach in Mogadishu, Somalia.  That was day one of Operation Restore Hope.  I had an unforgettable four years in the Corps, saw a lot, not all of it good.  I met some of the best friends I could hope to have.

After the Marine Corps it was right back to cooking.  I have worked at The Ritz–Carlton Dearborn, the Mandarin Oriental Miami, the Mandarin Oriental New York (my first Executive Chef Job), The Adolphus Hotel and the French Room, The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, La Torretta Resort and Spa, and finally, my current post, The Omni Dallas Hotel.  Several of these hotels were openings, which I would say took some years off my life!

It was during my time as the Chef at the French Room in Dallas, that I began to really explore food photography, which really is my one and only hobby.  As cooks and chefs our work does not “stay around” too long.  Not if we do it well anyway!  Through the lens we can see differently, it’s always fascinating, and of course lasting.

Lots of moving around, but no more.  Dallas is home and this is where we are setting down roots.  I am very lucky to have an amazing wife and two great boys who keep me going!  We enjoy life, cooking, laughing, going to church on Sundays and the occasional glass or two of wine.

So my friends, as I said, welcome to Thymelife!  I hope our journey is a long one.  I am certainly keen to see the website grow and as always, we shall see what happens.

Thyme marches on!

Jason Weaver


Photographer Unknown

frenchroom0066bwPhoto by Kevin Hunter Marple usmc3

Photographer Unknown

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