Carrot, Fennel, Red Pepper and Celery Juice




Yes I am at it again. . .  I must have juice on the brain!  If I keep this up people will start calling me “the juice man”.  This time I have juiced up an unusual cocktail of flavors.  Carrot, red pepper, and celery juice, no problem, dare we say even . . .  normal.  However you toss in a bit of fennel and you have a juice just unusual enough to raise some eyebrows (and some glasses).  I found this juice to be extremely refreshing, delicious to drink and beautiful to look at.  It’s almost a fluorescent orange.  You can smell the fresh flavors before you even take a drink.

If you are using organic vegetables, which I always try to use, there is no reason to peel the vegetables. Wash them well and trim them so they fit in your juicer.  The juicer does most of the work and your reward is amazingly fresh and nutritious juice!

Carrot, Fennel, Red Pepper and Celery Juice

Makes about ½ quart


12 ounces carrots (roughly 5 to 6 carrots depending on the size)

½ red pepper

½ fennel bulb

1 stalk celery (roughly 2 ½ ounces)

  1. Wash all your veggies well and trim to fit into you juicer.
  2. Juice your veggies and enjoy a great glass of natural, healthy juice.
  3. Keep juicing!


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