Crickets and Culinary Diplomats

Crickets and Culinary Diplomats

The amazing thing about being a cook is that there is always so much to learn.  Recipes, techniques, ingredients, technical skills, intuitive skills, and cuisines of other cultures. Could cooks be diplomats?  Indeed.  We were lucky enough to have a Ugandan chef come to visit us in the kitchens.  He was cooking for some Ugandan people who were in town for a convention.  His goal was to make them feel at home.

Chef Frank was kind enough to bring us some food he prepared.  We all shared a nice snack of spice roasted Ugandan crickets and a very unique cake made from banana, yucca, and ground cricket.  Chef Frank went on to explain that although to us the use of cricket is strange, it’s a plentiful recourse where he is from.  They use ground crickets in man dishes and sauces. It’s a great source of protein and nutrition in Uganda.

I really enjoyed watching Chef Frank, surrounded by 15 or so American cooks, teaching a little bit about Uganda, the food, and its people.

You never really know what is going to happen each day.  One day you can be minding your own business and then you realize you had crickets for lunch.  Crazy!

Thyme waits for no one,




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  1. Jan Loov

    I am sure they were tasty and chef Frank was truly a nice chef! Most certainly opens your eyes towards trying new things or to think in a different way about food!


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